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 [DD] Dark Dwarves

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Date d'inscription : 11/08/2013

MessageSujet: [DD] Dark Dwarves   Sam 6 Aoû - 11:02


il s'agit d'une nouvelle faction naine qui a eu droit à sa liste, à la base un KS de Macrocosm Miniatures.
Mélange des listes nains et nains abyssaux. Adeptes ultimes d'Ariagful.

Beaucoup de tir (équivalent des décimateurs et arbalétriers, machines de guerre), quelques troupes d'élite( Eternals : Immortels like  ultra résistants et Wrathbeards : Berserkers like mais armurés- aussi version moins résistante mais plus rapides), nombreuses unités irrégulières (large infanterie (des globes oculaires flottants*), infanterie (Troggs* : sortes d'esclaves grenouilles*), cavalerie (Aberrants*mélange de chiens et de nains)).

Citation :
In ancient times, a small sect of outcasts formed within the very heart of Dwarven society. Scattered and few, these “Dorchar” as they were known to their kin, were different. Their skin was pale, their beards white and they had unsettling and violet eyes; all said to be gifts from the Goddess of White Fire, Fulgria. The Dorchar had an intense and burning desire to delve ever deeper into the dark, endless caves and caverns of the world to spread Fulgrias white light. While such subterranean exploration is normal for Dwarves, the Dorchars desire took it beyond the extreme, and the would disappear for years on end, only to return with intricate maps detailing where to find untold riches in the form of metal, gold and gemstones.

Not only did their maps prove unerringly true, but as their Dwarven Kin came to mine their promised treasure, they found masterfully crafted temples and statues of the Goddess Fulgria, the astonishing skill and craftsmanship inherent in these temples making even the greatest of the Dwarven King’s holds look crude in comparison.

As time went on, several prominent Dwarf Lords and Kings made sure to keep a number of Dorchar on retainer for their cartography and stonecraft, and as white priests and prophets. However, even in these positions that would normally garner prestige and honour, the Dorchar were still treated as freaks and outsiders.

As time passed the Dwarven Holds were transformed into the great monuments which still stand today, and their treasure halls overflowed with gold and gemstones.

The Dorchar’s undeniable skills proved to be their downfall as jealous lords from less prominent houses took to kidnapping and pushing the Dorchar into indentured servitude for their own gain.

With most of their kind in shackles and being denied their urges of exploring the deeps, the Dorchar grew increasingly melancholic and lethargic and even the light cast by the white priests started to fade. To the Dorchar, it seemed Fulgria had forsaken them.
With their race brought low, all hope seemed lost. It was at this moment that a voice was heard by all Dorchar kind “Come to me” it beckoned.

It was Ordir the master stonesmith to King Tormun the wild, who instigated their exodus. Overnight, the Dorchar from all reaches of the empire all but vanished. Their only farewell was the charred remains of the countless of maps of the deep which they had so masterfully crafted. The Dorchar had disappeared into the depths, guided by the mysterious voice.

Ordir and his fellow stonesmiths, were the first to reach the pass, it was in a stretch of cavern that had been mapped meticulously for hundreds of years, yet a new tunnel had emerged and strangely, it appeared to be of natural stone. Through the tunnel, they found an impossibly large vaulted cavern and atop a great spire they saw what had be calling, A colossal Dark Flame, which beckoned them ever closer.

Like moths to a flame, they started the long climb up the twisting spire, days passed on the arduous climb, but they did not tire as their goal was almost within their grasp.

Ordir was the first to reach the precipice and approach the Dark Flame. For every step he took, the less he could see and the colder he became. Soon the Cavern disappeared entirely around him, engulfed by darkness he entered into the Dark Flame.

Ordirs party were still climbing as their leader re-emerged from the flame. Ordir stood atop a floating Dais and was bedecked in black shimmering armour; his once violet eyes now a sea of swirling darkness and his white beard now black as soot. Flying atop his Dark Dais, Ordir passed over his kin, barking orders and ordering them to climb faster into the darkness, for the Dorchar had finally found the reason behind their ancient calling.

As they entered the flame, they stepped forth into a realm of Black Fire, the realm of Ariagful, sister to Fulgria. Ariagful revealed that their need for the deeps was her calling them home all this time, but the path was blocked by Fulgria, for her illuminating light made the Dorchar blind to the truth.

Ariagful stripped away any residual influence that Fulgria had over the Dorchar, transforming them and bestowing her own gifts upon them as well as a new need and desire.

Word spread quickly, the remaining Dorchar converged on the Cavern and one by one they climbed the spire and entered into the Darkness. Fulgria’s light had finally been extinguished, as they stepped back out the Dark Flame not as the Dorchar, but as Dark Dwarves.

At the behest of Ariagful, Ordir ordered the construction of one final temple and city, the greatest the world had ever seen. The temple was built into the twisting spire, the Dark Flame at its pinnacle, and a great staircase spiralled around the temple, leading to its peak. The city was carved into the walls of the surrounding cavern, every building facing towards the fire. The great city and temple would come to be named Duzh’Doras and from here they would venture out once more, not to cast Fulgria’s light into the darkness, but to spread Ariagful’s darkness into the light.

le lien (en VO) sur le forum officiel

la liste (v12)

le Kickstarter

Je suis en train de monter quelques figs et compte proxiser pour l'instant avec mes figs NA

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[DD] Dark Dwarves
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